iOSEmus Download on iOS (iPhone/iPad) [2021 Update]

When it comes to downloading paid applications and games from the Apple App Store, all of us tend to retrace our steps back. A very few of us will like to spend our hard-earned bucks on downloading an app or a game. However, the attraction towards paid applications and games is always there. The same goes with tweaked iOS applications and games as well. Not all iOS users will prefer jailbreaking their iOS devices. In this post, we are going to share with you a solution through which you can download paid as well as tweaked iOS apps and games on your iPhone/iPad for free without jailbreak. Surprised? Yes! We were also when we heard of this for the first time. The solution comes in the form of an application that goes by the name ‘iOSEmus.’

From iOSEmus, you can download a plenitude of tweaked and modified iOS applications and games on your iPhone/iPad. Also, you will get a significant number of applications on iOSEmus, which fall in the category of paid applications on the App Store but are available for free on iOSEmus. In short, through iOSEmus, you can download and install all those applications and games which will never get a chance to feature on the official App Store due to Apple’s restrictive policies and guidelines. Check Out: iOSEmus Alternatives.

iOSEmus on iOS | Features: 

The fantastic part of downloading iOSEmus on your iPhone/iPad is that you don’t require jailbreaking your iPhone/iPad. You can think of iOSEmus as the Cydia of non-jailbroken iOS devices. With a massive inventory of tweaks, hacks, and modified iOS applications, iOSEmus doesn’t even ask your Apple ID for installation purposes. Following are some more features of this marvelous application:

  • You can access Cydia tweaks on your non-jailbroken iPhone/iPad.
  • The user interface of the application is simple enough to understand and navigate.
  • The application comes with an inbuilt memory and cache cleaner.
  • The organization of applications is in alphabetical order.
App NameiOSEmus
Latest Versionv3.5.1
CategoryTweaked Apps, Games, Emus
Available OniOSEmus

Developed by ‘AiiR’ the application is compatible with all iOS versions ranging from iOS 10 to iOS 14 and subsequent versions as well. In the following parts of this post, you will learn about the steps to download and install iOSEmus on iPhone/iPad without jailbreak.

Install iOSEmus on iPhone/iPad No Jailbreak [STEPS]

  • As a first, please launch Safari Browser on your iPhone/iPad and navigate to the following link:

   iOSEMus Mobile Config

  • Please make sure that you use Safari Browser only for the purpose as other browsers won’t be compatible with the download and installation process.
  • Please wait for the webpage to load. Once the webpage loads up, you will see two icons. Click on any icon to proceed with the download and installation process.
  • When you click on an icon, a popup will come up stating that the webpage wants to open ‘Settings’ on your iOS device.
  • Please provide your confirmation for the same. Once you provide the confirmation, the ‘Install Profile’ screen will come up in front of you.

click allow and continue

  • You require tapping on ‘Install’ available on the top-right corner of the screen.

iosemus on iOS

  • Thereafter, when prompted, please enter the passcode of your device.

Latest iOSEmus on iOS

  • Tap on ‘Install’ for one more time and you will get a ‘Profile Installed’ screen. Tap on ‘Done’ visible on the top-right corner of the screen.

Download iOSEmus on iOS easily

  • That’s it! You have successfully installed iOSEmus on your iPhone/iPad. The icon of iOSEmus will be present on the home screen of your iOS device.

How To Use iOSEmus on iPhone/iPad [STEPS]

Please go ahead and launch the iOSEmus application. You will get an ‘Untrusted Enterprise Developer message. This indicates that you require trusting the profile of the iOSEmus application in order to make it work. Follow the below steps for the same.

  • Navigate to Settings -> General on your iOS device.
  • Tap and open ‘Profiles & Device Management.’
  • Click on the profile of iOSEmus and tap on ‘TrustDeveloper’s Name”.’
  • Please tap on ‘Trust’ once again.

latest iOSEmus on iOS iPhone

  • Now, please go ahead and launch iOSEmus on your iPhone/iPad. This time you won’t get the ‘Untrusted Enterprise Developer Message.

Check Out:

Conclusion– iOSEmus on iPhone/iPad

These were the steps to download, install, and use iOSEmus on iPhone/iPad. You can download some of the best iOS applications like YouTube++, Spotify++, Facebook++, and various other tweaked applications and games from iOSEmus. If you face any issue during the installation process or while using the application, please let us know about the same in the comments section provided below. You are welcome to ask additional questions as well.

Unc0ver Jailbreak Download on iOS 14 [iPhone/iPad]

Do you wish to enjoy unlimited features on your iOS 14 device? All you need is Unc0ver for iOS 14, which is a third-party jailbreak app that allows you to use your iDevices without jailbreak. There are hundreds of advanced features to explore on iOS using this amazing app. You can now get your favorite apps and games, including mods, hacks, and tweaks on iOS by downloading Unc0ver for iOS 14 and activating it.

Since Unc0ver for iOS is a third-party app, you will need an app store alternative to download it. This is why we suggest you download iOSEmus on your iDevices for free. It is the best platform to download third-party apps safely on iOS. In this article, we have provided the complete guide to download Unc0ver on iOS using iOSEmus for free. You can follow the steps and get this amazing app to enjoy semi-untethered jailbreak on your iDevices.

Features | Unc0ver on iOS 14

The latest Unc0ver Jailbreak for iOS offers more features on your device than ever. It lets you level up the performance of the iDevice and incorporate the best features from different device platforms on your iDevice. Here are some features of Unc0ver.

  • You can safely download third-party apps on iOS devices.
  • It offers a stable and safe jailbreak option that does not affect the device in any way.
  • The app certificates can never be revoked as it is protected by the app.
  • The user interface is simple and can be operated easily.
  • You can disable the auto-update of apps.
  • You can also remount the RootFS.
App NameUnc0ver
Latest Versionfor iOS 14
CategoryTweaked Apps
Available OniOSEmus

This amazing app is all you need to upgrade your iOS devices and customize it with new features and looks. Now, you can enjoy your iDevices without limitations by downloading Unc0ver.

Download Unc0ver on iOS [iPhone/iPad] using iOSEmus

The latest Unc0ver Jailbreak for iOS 14 is the best app to Unc0ver the true potential of your iDevices. Using iOSEmus on iOS, you will be able to download Unc0ver in the safest and fastest way. This third-party app installer allows you to get the app for free. You can follow the steps given below to download Unc0ver on iOS with iOSEmus.

  • First of all, go to the Safari browser and open the official website of iOSEmus.

   iOSEmus Installer

  • From the page that comes up, click on Install to download the iOSEmus app on your iDevice.
  • Next, you are required to go to Settings and take the Profile & Device Management option.
  • Select the iOSEmus profile and enable the Trust option.
  • Launch iOSEmus and search for Unc0ver app for iOS.

uncover ios

  • You need to hit the Install button for Unc0ver and wait for some time.

click get button ios

  • Once it is downloaded, open the Settings and take the Profile & Device Management option.

click on install uncover

  • Turn on the Trust option for the Unc0ver profile and you are done.

This is a simple and straightforward way to download Unc0ver on iOS at the fastest speed. The app offers untethered jailbreak features without actually jailbreaking the iDevice.

unc0ver on iOS | FAQ

Is Unc0ver for iOS untethered?

Unc0ver for iOS is a semi-untethered jailbreak app that allows you to enjoy jailbreak features by simply activating the app upon rebooting the iOS.

Is it possible to remove Unc0ver from iOS?

Yes, you can remove Unc0ver from iOS devices by restoring the device via iTunes or updating the iOS framework.

Is it safe to use Unc0ver on iOS?

Of course, yes. Unc0ver for iOS is totally safe and can be downloaded in the best quality using iOSEmus.

Check Out:

Conclusion –Unc0ver Download for Free on iOS

Unc0ver for iOS devices is a must-have if you wish to enjoy your device without limits. It offers a great user interface and enhances the performance and quality of iOS for free. All you have to do is download Unc0ver on iOS devices.


iOSEmus Alternatives – 6 Best Similar Apps like iOSEmus Installer

Top iOSEmus Alternatives – Similar Apps Like iOSEmus App: As you might know iOSEmus is a popular third-party app store on iOS. Apart from providing iOS emulators, the platform holds a decent collection of third-party iOS apps and games.

iOSEmus Alternative - Similar App
iOSEmus Alternative – Similar App

Lately, we have been receiving a lot of reports from users regarding a few bugs in iOSEmus. Good news is that the developer has sprung into action already and in a short span of time, we will have an all new iOSEmus. Till then, you must be interested in iOSEmus alternatives. In this post, we are going to tell you about similar apps like iOSEmus. Check out, complete guide on “iOSEmus Download on iOS Devices“.

Best iOSEmus Alternatives


TutuApp is a Chinese third-party app store that holds a massive collection of hacked iOS apps and games. The platform has an inbuilt virus scanner and memory cleaner as well. TutuApp comes in a regular free version and a paid VIP version.

TuTuApp - Similar App Like iOSEmus
TuTuApp – Similar App Like iOSEmus

The paid VIP version holds a better collection of third-party iOS apps and hacked games. Moreover, popular paid iOS apps are available as free download in the VIP version.

Android Users: Download iOSEmus APK on Android – UPDATED.


Doing justice to its name, AppValley is, indeed, a valley of third-party iOS apps and games. Similar to TutuApp, AppValley comes in a regular free version and a paid VIP version. As and when the developers behind the third-party apps release updates, AppValley is the first to get the updates for you.

AppValley - Better Alternative to iOSEmus Installer
AppValley – Better Alternative to iOSEmus Installer

The user interface is similar to Apple App Store so you won’t have a hard time using the platform.


TweakBox is a third-party app store that can be hailed as a top iOSEmus alternative. This is because TweakBox is currently at the helm of affairs in the relative market. Whatever you might need; a third-party iOS app or a hacked game; you have it on TweakBox

TweakBox Alternative - iOSEmus App
TweakBox Alternative – iOSEmus App

If a particular application is not available on TweakBox, you can place a request to add the same with the developers.

Best Game in iOSEmus Installer:DLS 2020 Hack(Dream League Soccer 2020) on iOS“.


Similar to iOSEmus, Emus4u is popular for providing emulators like GBA4iOS, NDS4iOS, Delta Emulator, and more. Using these gaming emulators, you can play old school games like Contra, Super Mario, Pokémon, and more on your iPhone/iPad.

Emus4u App
Emus4u App

While Emus4u is primarily known for emulators, the platform holds a decent collection of popular third-party iOS apps and games.

Panda Helper

Panda Helper is a Chinese third-party app store that is primarily known for providing hacked versions of popular games like Injustice 2, PUBG, Clash Royale, and more. Please note that if you wish to install these hacked versions, you require uninstalling the original versions from your iOS device.

Panda Helper VIP Free
Panda Helper VIP Free

These hacked versions provide additional resources to help you cross even the most difficult levels with ease.

If you want to continue with iOSEmus updated installer which has no issues at all and added an awesome UI, check it below.

   Download iOSEmus App Installer


TopStore is comparatively new in the field of third-party app stores. However, the developers, while constructing TopStore, have taken into account the negative feedback received for other third-party app stores.

iOSEmus Similar App - TopStore
iOSEmus Similar App – TopStore

By taking the negative feedback into account, the developers have ensured that users of TopStore get all what they desire from a third-party app store.

 iOSEmus Alternatives – Top Similar Apps Like iOSEmus App

These were the popular iOSEmus alternatives. You can download any one of these until the issues with iOSEmus are fixed. If you have any more questions to ask, feel free to contact us via the comments section provided below.

Thank You.

iOSEmus for PC – Download iOSEmus APK on Windows 10/8/8.1 & MAC

With the increasing urge to improve the performance and functions of Android and iOS devices, many new apps have come up. However, not all of them are available on your PC. Are you searching for an app store from which you can download these amazing iOS apps and games on your PC? Then here is the best solution for you. iOSEmus App for Windows PC and Mac is the number one app store where you can find hundreds of apps and games. Now you can enjoy your favorite Android and iOS apps and games on your Windows and Mac PC/Laptops. All the apps are totally free of cost.

In iOSEmus App, you can find apps ranging from entertainment to education. Also, many emulators are also available for your Windows and Mac PC/Laptop. iOSEmus app itself acts as an emulator which provides a safe environment for you to download all the iOS apps. All you have to do is download iOSEmus App on your Windows and Mac PC or Laptop. A detailed procedure for installation is given in this article. Must Read: iOSEmus | Download iOSEmus on iPhone/iPad No Jailbreak.

iOSEmus APK for Windows PC/Mac | Features: 

iOSEmus App for Windows and Mac PC is an awesome app store for you to get iOS apps and games on your PC/Laptop. Now you can enjoy all your favorite iOS games easily on your PC. Let us look at some of the features of iOSEmus App.

1) You can get hundreds of iOS apps and games for free on your Windows and Mac PC. iOSEmus App has the largest database among the third-party app stores.

2) The user interface that iOSEmus App offers is pretty amazing. It is easy to operate and download apps using this app store.

3) This is the safest app installer for your Windows and Mac PC/Laptops.

4) You can even get paid apps and games for free using the iOSEmus APK for PC.

5) There are no bugs or errors while installing apps using this app store. It does not interfere with the working of your Windows PC or Mac.

6) The apps and games can be downloaded in no time using the iOSEmus app for Windows PC and Mac. With the latest version, the download speed has increased so that there is no delay in getting the apps of your interest.

How To Install iOSEmus App on Windows 10/8/8.1 & MAC

iOSEmus App is a third-party app store and hence cannot be installed directly into your PC or laptops. You will need the help of an emulator to do this. Let us look at the procedure in detail.

1) First of all, you need to install Bluestacks emulator on your Windows or Mac PC/Laptop. It provides a safe environment on your PC to download iOSEmus app. Download Bluestacks Emulator from here:

iosemus app pc

2) Once the installation is complete, go to the link given below. You will be directed to the website from which you can get iOSEmus app for Windows and Mac PC/laptops. Click on the Install button and the APK file will be downloaded on your PC.

Download iOSEmus APK for PC/Mac

3) When the download process is over, you are required to navigate to the APK file location and open the file using Bluestacks emulator.

latest iosemus app on pc

4) You will find an Install option while loading the file. Click on it and wait for some time.

5) Once you are done with the installation, you can launch the iOSEmus app for Windows and Mac PC/laptop.

Download iOSEmus on Windows 10/8/8.1 & MAC: Conclusion

You have successfully downloaded the app. Now you can use the iOSEmus app to get all the cool apps and games that were previously available only on your iOS devices on your PC/laptops. This app is all you need to enjoy all the features of iOS on Windows PC and Mac.

iOSEmus APK | Download iOSEmus App on Android Devices

Did you ever wish to get the cool premium looks that iOS devices have on your Android devices? since everyone cannot afford to buy an iOS device, here is an easy way to get them and many other iOS apps for free on your Android. iOSEmus APK for Android acts as the best app installer on your Android device and hence provides a safe environment to get any iOS apps and games for free. Previously, iOSEmus APK was available only for jailbroken iOS devices. With the recent version, no rooting is required to get the awesome apps and games on your Android devices.

Download iOSEmus App on Android Devices

Latest iOSEmus APK for Android gives you access to many paid apps and games for free. In this article, we are going to provide you with a simple method to get iOEmus APK for Android. We will also go through some of the features of this fantastic emulator in the coming section. Check out: iOSEmus | Download iOSEmus on iPhone/iPad No Jailbreak.

iOSEmus APK for Android | Features:

iOSEmus APK is all you need to experience the real iOS experience on your Android devices. Not just the looks, but the performance of your device can also be improved using iOSEmus APK for Android. Let us look at some of the features.

1) iOSEmus APK provides a wonderful user interface. You will love this app for its simple yet fast and efficient performance on all Android devices.

2)  Different themes, games and apps are also available which will make your device look awesome.

3) Using iOSEmus APK, many iOS apps and games can be installed on your Android for free.

4) The download speed is just outstanding.

5) There is no need for rooting the Android device using the new version.

6) The app is without any bugs and hence provides the best performance on your Android devices.

How to Download & Install iOSEmus APK for Android (STEPS)

iOSEmus APK for Android is the best app store for you to download iOS apps, games and other features on Android. Because of its amazing user interface, iOSEmus APK is downloaded by thousands of people each day. It has got the best collection of apps to improve your Android devices. With this amazing app store on your device, you will never require an iOS device. You can enjoy the features of both Android and iOS on the same device using iOSEmus APK for Android. Here is an easy method to get it.

1) First of all, you need to change the Settings of your device to allow the installation of third-party apps. For this, open Settings. Scroll down and look for Security option. Tap on it and then enable the Unknown sources option.

2) A confirmation window will pop up. Simply click on OK and proceed.

3) Next, you are required to download Tutuapp app store on your Android device. Make sure that you use a safe source to get it.

4) Now you need to open the Tutuapp app store and search for iOSEmus APK for Android.

iosemus latest apk

5) Click on the app and then tap on the download option to get this amazing app on your device and the download process will begin shortly.

6) Once you are done with the download, go to the file location. Tap on it and then click on Install option from the confirmation window that comes up. After some time, iOSEmus APK will be downloaded on your Android.

updated iOSEMUS APK for Android

Conclusion– iOSEmus APK on Android Devices

That’s all for you. Do install iOSEmus APK on your Android and enjoy all the amazing features. Hope you found this helpful. This is the safest App Installer your Android devices to the next level with amazing premium looks and all kinds of  apps and games without compromising on safety